Warm and elegant European pastoral decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Modern people have great work pressure and hope to return to their homes to have a relaxed atmosphere. The rustic style of decoration can meet this requirement. In the pastoral style, the European pastoral style has a unique elegance and beauty and is welcomed by modern people.

European style

The design and decoration of the restaurant in the living room is consistent with the decoration of the living room. In order to further highlight the meaning of the European pastoral style, an elegant European style landscape is hung on the bright yellow wall, and the floral ornament is embellished. In the restaurant space and the living room decoration echoes.

Home culture

This European-style idyllic bedroom decoration, orange-red bedroom walls bring warm visual enjoyment, elegant and bright yellow four-poster bed, to bring you a comfortable sleep, warm colors match every corner of the bedroom is warm and sweet Breath.

European style

The European-style idyllic living room is decorated with warm atmosphere, and the brown quality sofa brings a comfortable and noble life. The warm yellow walls and the floral living room accessories are combined to dilute the European style luxury and add the rustic elegance to create European pastoral style is elegant and beautiful.

The whole European-style rural home decoration, the design is very exquisite, the warm color of the wall is matched with the pastoral atmosphere of the home, with a different kind of elegance and warmth, with warm colors to set off the rich pastoral taste.

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