Three fresh and elegant style wardrobes recommend you to stretch your heart

[Network] [Chinese Wardrobe pressure type of career woman living in a large network of Chinese wardrobe, when she was blocked in front of the business, also hope to do a woman a carefree, this time, she hopes to be able to rely on a Shoulder, relieve stress and burden for her, or have a place to release her own pressure, of course, women's "mortam" is a good place, especially in the bedroom is relatively fresh and elegant furniture is better, today Xiaobian For those business women who have significant pressure, we recommend three three clean and elegant style push-pull wardrobes .

Wardrobe shopping guide

Type: Door

Series: Solid wood skin ivory white

Mullion: CK7

Horizontal frame: wide middle frame

Panel: Flat panel

Plate: MDF, solid wood veneer

Style: simple style

Color: 203SP ivory white

Belt: None

Beautiful and elegant ash pattern, white and light window screens are flowing in the breeze, a bouquet of lilies in the quiet bedroom exudes a fascinating faint fragrance, a fresh, romantic, natural morning! Relaxed mood like flowers Blooming. The product is suitable for romantic and natural soft styles and casual natural styles.

Wardrobe design

Casual natural style

The horizontal grid design is one of the humanization of this product. It can also be used for display while making the wardrobe. The owner's favorite small jewelry is placed here, and it is not one of the fun of life.

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