The minimalist modern geometric design of the Kallerife one-piece toilet

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Evaluation time December 21, 2010 Evaluation location Nankai Ou Yada evaluation brand Kohler bathroom evaluation product Kohler Reeve one-piece toilet product specifications 690 * 370 * 710mm product price 7230 yuan

Evaluation details:

1. Appearance

1. Extremely simple shape

At first sight you will definitely be attracted by its appearance, this is a forward-looking design style. The shape is simple but unique. You can't see too much pretentious design in terms of design. It seems that a few simple strokes outline beautiful and smooth geometric shapes. Xiaobian believes that this toilet is very suitable for young white-collar workers now. Its extremely simple appearance is both fashionable and individual. It abandons the complexity and bids farewell to the gorgeous beauty from within. The free and simple lines used give the residents a creative bathroom space without losing the natural and fresh charm.

2. Dreamy matt color

This toilet has two colors: sheep fat white and ordinary white. The editor reviews the sheep fat white. From the observation of the small editor only, it is found that ordinary white belongs to the bright surface, showing a sense of gloss under the light of the light, and the surface of the sheep fat white has some matte feeling, showing a dreamy matte feeling under the light, it seems Interpreting the beauty of an elegant and soothing space. In addition, the surface of this sheep fat white is thicker than ordinary toilets. Because of the matt texture, the scale will not be obvious after the surface is air-dried. In addition, the salesperson also reminded customers that this sheep fat white glaze has a long order cycle, and owners who have time requirements should consider the purchase.

3. The water tank and the base are integrally formed

Compared with the split toilet, this one-piece toilet is more beautiful. The water tank and the base of the toilet are fired at a time, and the firing process is more complicated than the split toilet, and the yield is lower. The Kohler toilet uses a special process, which not only ensures the efficiency of firing, but also ensures that there will be no cracking during use.

In addition to the color difference, Kohler's newly launched Riff series toilets are also connected and split. The split water tank is higher than the one-piece toilet. Customers can choose to buy according to their actual situation. Generally speaking, the firing process of the split toilet is relatively simple. Because the water tank and the base are fired separately, the success rate is higher, so the price is also cheaper than the one-piece toilet.

Second, the material

1. High-quality glaze

The Kohler toilet glaze uses a special high-quality glaze. After ultra-high temperature calcination, the surface is smooth and delicate. The salesperson introduced that after high temperature firing, the surface will not allow stain molecules to enter easily. a feeling of.

2. Cover plate and seat ring

The cover plate and the seat ring of the toilet are made of PP, and the shape is a rectangle matching the whole. The surface is smooth and delicate by touch, and the texture is even and thick. The cover plate and the seat ring are connected by a lustrous hardware, which has a buffering effect when opening and closing.

3. Internal details

1. 3/6 liter double flush cyclone flushing system

This toilet uses a 3/6 liter double-flush cyclone flushing system. This setting can effectively achieve energy saving and water saving. It is also the mainstream design of toilet water tanks.

Opening the water tank can clearly see this dual cyclone flushing system. Its outlet diameter is very large, which can provide excellent flushing effect. Compared with the previous flushing system, the performance of this flushing system in terms of sewage, quietness, cleanliness and water saving is greatly improved, which can not only meet the needs of households but also meet the needs of commercial use.

Kohler has always been an advocate of water saving and environmental protection products, and is committed to providing water saving performance and flushing toilets. The Kohler toilet not only meets the water saving requirements of the national GB standard, but the newly introduced toilet with an innovative flushing system fully exerts the effect of "saving net" and brings a perfect and comfortable user experience while saving water.

3. Ground row and wall row

305mm floor drain pipe and 185mm wall drain pipe are optional, and the sewage discharge port of the floor row is below the toilet, that is, the sewage is directly discharged to the floor drain under the toilet. Just install the toilet drain and the floor drain That's it, this one that the editor reviews is the ground arrangement. Users can purchase the corresponding models according to their own needs when purchasing.

4. Large flushing caliber

Kohler's toilet has a large flushing caliber, combined with a 3 / 6-liter double-flush cyclone flushing system and high-temperature calcined glaze, which effectively ensures that the inside of the toilet is clean and free of stains.

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