The design principle of the cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the development of the times, modern women are not only satisfied with having a wardrobe of their own, but eager to have a cloakroom. What principles should I follow when designing a cloakroom at home?


Cloakroom design principles

First: design the cloakroom to choose the right shape

This means that when designing the cloakroom, it is necessary to choose whether it is an I-shaped, L-shaped or U-shaped cloakroom according to the size and shape of the space, and the cabinet part of the cloakroom is divided into two forms, a plate type and a metal frame. So at the beginning of the design, you should discuss with the designer what shape your cloakroom is more suitable for.

Second: design the quality of the cloakroom hardware to pass

The most important thing about a qualified cloakroom is the selection of hardware, such as whether the drawer slides are used by regular manufacturers, whether the materials used for the clothes rails are strong, and the design of pants racks, tie drawers, and pull-up laminates. It is a detail that cannot be ignored. Only by improving the details can we have the desired overall effect.

Third: designing the cloakroom door is the key

The door of the cloakroom is like a view of the room. For example, the popular glass and rattan sliding doors can not only match the decoration style to the greatest extent, but also the aluminum, magnesium, titanium and silicon high-tech aviation materials used in the industry. At a high level, it is generally not a big problem to use for decades.

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