SPeria Foilmaster 102 Hot Stamping Die Cutting Machine

The SPeria Foilmaster 102 stamping die cutting machine is a surprisingly versatile device. Its greatest feature is the ability to instantly switch from a die cutting machine to a hot stamping machine - only tools need to be changed, and the speed is surprisingly fast. Secondly, the innovative hot foil stamping and holographic foiling system brings beyond imagination. In addition, it is both an advanced die-cutting machine, but also cold embossing and hot stamping / embossing, outstanding flexibility to a wide range of products that can be processed. SPeria Foilmaster 102 can accomplish tasks that were impossible before.

calcium remover Features:

·Remove the ink roller surface calcareous enamel.

·Help to make the rubber roller be the best condition.

·There is no harm to human body, low content of VOC.

·Quick response and restore the ink roller ink guide.

·Dose not affect the rubber roller, the chemicals react only with calcium.

calcium remover Method of use:

1. On first use cleaner sufficient to remove the ink roller ink.

2. Right amount of the drops on the ink roller, the ink roller idler(1-5 minute)

3. Use oily cleaner or emulsifying cleaner for the last process cleaning.

4. Close the shovel ink knife then wash thoroughly with water.

Roller Wash

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