Several tips for improving the production efficiency of the binding line

1. The first few procedures must comply with the relevant process requirements to reduce unnecessary work losses

The application of the binding line for post-press processing The printed products must strictly follow the relevant process requirements in the design, production and printing processes. In the design, pay attention to the weight of the paper and the format of the finished product. Use 80g / m2 offset paper to fold the 32-page signature, and the size can not be cut after the fold at the back of the milling. This is due to the fact that the sticker is too thick and the depth of the milling back is large. If you take this into consideration before printing, you can avoid problems.

When the printing workshop processes printed matter with a relatively large plate center, it does not cut the burrs in order to save paper, resulting in disorderly book seals and making the perfect binding machine inoperable. When the cover of the book is covered or glazed, due to improper temperature control, the cover of the book is stuck, and the linkage line is stopped frequently when binding.

These man-made reasons for the missed work of the glue binding linkage line are all caused by the insufficient understanding of the front-end process on the process requirements of the glue binding linkage line. These problems can not be solved only from the binding production line, which requires the specification of the front-end process and scientific cooperation with the binding line of binding to prevent such problems.

2. Based on the binding production line, providing the conditions suitable for the binding line

Uneven clothing, back curling, no mechanical bundling and manual exhaust, and sticking of lined pages will cause the high-speed collating machine to stop frequently. Therefore, solving the performance of book-stamping uniforms can improve the production efficiency of the entire linkage line.

(1) When folding, you must punch holes for exhaust

Workpieces should not be folded manually. If manual folding is used, it must be exhausted, and the same as the mechanical folding, the book binding machine code should be tied tightly. If the signature is not exhausted, it will cause the innermost page to be milled or not milled enough.

(2) Two-page signatures below must be pasted

If two or single pages are not stuck in production, this page will float during operation. If this post is the previous version or the last version, after this page floats, it will jam the book delivery board and cause parking.

(3) All signatures must be bundled or flattened

When flattening and stacking, it is necessary to pay attention to the back to the inside. If you can't get on the machine in time, you need to press a flat plate on each job to prevent the top signature from bending and wrinkling. The backs of the bundled jobs must also be properly aligned.

(4) Sticky lined signatures are best glued to thick signatures

After the adhesive is dried, the adhesive is separated one by one, and the back is stacked inwards. If there is no complete separation, it will also cause parking, or multiple versions are available.

Non-standard book cover cutting will bring difficulty to the operation of the perfect binding machine. The cutting error of the book cover is large, and the operator has to move back and forth.

EVA high-speed hot-melt adhesive is the main raw material of high-speed glue binding linkage line. If not selected properly, it will directly affect the product quality and bring trouble to the production line. The unqualified EVA high-speed hot melt adhesive has a slow curing speed and a serious drawing phenomenon after penetrating into the book. The solid board will easily stick to the adhesive and crimp the spine. This will inevitably cause frequent parking and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, regular manufacturers must be used. The product.

3. Improve the construction skills during the production process to reduce human error

1) Collating machine

The continuation workers must participate in training before they are on the plane, and they must continuously improve their business skills in their work. When you renew the post on the machine, you need to concentrate, less and diligent. Every opponent ’s signatures in the opponent should be checked to prevent the wrong version from being distributed, and you must be careful to put them in the paging bucket after you hit the back. There must be corresponding measures (such as pressure, grip, etc.). The continuation post has good skills and strong sense of responsibility, which will greatly reduce the stop frequency of the collating machine.

2) Binding machine

There are two main reasons that affect the normal operation of the perfect binding machine: one is the book cover, and the other is the wild glue.

After the book cover is cut, the operator should carefully check the cutting error with the rule line as the standard, stack the book covers with the same error, and carry out the construction according to the same rule. Before going on the machine, be sure to check whether the cover of the book is reversed, etc., and mill it completely to prevent the book cover from sticking on the machine.

After changing the rules, you should carefully check the length and thickness of the amount of glue. Improper amount of glue will cause wild glue to accumulate in the solid board. Shutdown is not the only way. So the amount of glue should be adjusted at the beginning of construction. In practice, I have concluded that the amount of glue is changed according to the length of the book cover, the thickness of the book, and the properties of the paper. Each product has a suitable point in the amount of glue applied during construction. The operator must find this point with experience, so that the book can pass through the perfect binding machine smoothly and improve the production efficiency of the perfect binding machine.

3) Three-sided book cutter

The three-sided book-cutting machine has a small chance of artificially lost work, but the thick glue on the side of the book, the short glue on the back of the book, and the virtual work pieces will affect the normal construction of the book-cutting machine. As long as the operators of the binding line cooperate with each other, starting from the source will solve the man-made result of the three-sided book cutter.

It is not the machines but the managers and operators that ensure the effective production of the binding line. As long as managers attach importance to binding production, formulate effective systems, strictly manage, and cooperate with each other, operators must strengthen their sense of responsibility, maintain the machine in place, be skilled in business skills, and adapt to the production of glue binding linkage line on the machine signature, the quality of raw materials can be guaranteed, high speed The binding line can be produced normally, and really shoulders the heavy responsibility of binding.

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