Satellite type flexographic printing machine

The satellite type flexographic printer has several printing units arranged around the impression cylinder. This type of printer has an overlay accuracy and a high printing accuracy, but it can only print on one side.

The number of satellite-type flexo presses is small. Basically, they are imported equipment and are generally wide-width machines. Mainly used for printing film products.

Satellite flexographic printing presses are flexographic printing applications in China with less application and slower development. This is related to their understanding of the industry and historical reasons. A satellite flexographic printing press is a common impression cylinder printing press, ie there is only one impression cylinder. The paper path of this model cannot be changed and the printed circuit is short. However, due to the high requirement for common intermediate impression cylinders, when the number of units is too large, the machine will be very bulky.

However, the advantages of satellite-type flexographic printing are actually many, in addition to the advantages of high precision and speed. In printing a large area of ​​color blocks (field), there is actually a very big advantage, which is comparable to gravure printing. Since the ceramic anilox roller is used to accurately control the ink-carrying capacity, when the flexographic printing method prints large solid color blocks, only about 1.2 g of ink can be used per square meter without affecting the color saturation. The gravure printing needs 3g/m2 or even higher (the article data shows 4~6g/m2). Together with the use of solvents, the actual cost of printing ink alone is far higher than the flexographic method. Another advantage is that the user is worthy of concern - energy consumption, due to flexographic structure, ink, the amount of ink, etc., does not require much heat, you can completely dry the printed job . So usually a 8-color flexographic printing press, under the premise of speed 300m/min, the electric heating power used does not exceed 80KW/hour. Other printing methods usually require energy consumption of more than 150kw/hour, and even higher. For the current situation of domestic electricity consumption is not optimistic, this can be a very good news. Of course, satellite flexographic printing machines still have their drawbacks. Mainly in the aspect of printing and restoring, although products of 175 lines can be printed, there is still a gap between the overall application and offset printing, gravure printing, etc. along with the increase of related costs. When printing a high number of products, it is very weak. This is a common problem in flexo printing and it is also the place where improvement is most needed.

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