Repel dry lines and restore your skin

The main reason why the skin appears dry, because of lack of water, it is very important for skin care to replenish water lock, to see how to eliminate dry lines .

Repel dry lines and restore your skin

Strengthen the foundation to replenish water and fight off the dry lines

Moisturizing is the key! When the stratum corneum and dermis of the face are filled with water and the metabolism of water is kept at its best, your skin naturally becomes full of youthful vitality.

Replenish water anytime, anywhere

Always remember to use a moisturizing spray to replenish moisture during the dry season. Spray-type lotion is an emulsified lotion that is more moisturizing than spray-type mineral water and can be sprayed every two or three hours. First spray water on the face, then do not use the tissue to dry immediately, but gently press by hand to help the skin absorb quickly, and then apply the paper. This will relieve the skin in a matter of seconds, not only will not damage the makeup, but also help to fix the makeup.

Apply three lotions

Use a lotion with moisturizing and repairing function, apply it on the cotton pad and smear it. Apply it a second time when the first application is not completely absorbed. Repeat this three times to ensure that the skin is full. Drink plenty of water, and the layers of water are progressive, leaving the skin fresh and moist without stickiness.

Use oil-containing hydrating cream

Quickly replace the refreshing summer cream. After entering the fall and winter, even if you use a gel or jelly-type moisturizing cream with a high water content, the skin moisture will quickly evaporate due to the dry climate. A moisturizer with a certain amount of oil can achieve true moisturizing and shrinking effects. A suitable amount of moisturizing lotion should be a circle of about 1.5cm flat. If it is a dry skin, it can be increased by one third.

WEEK2 deep hydration, dry lines can be "drinked" to get

The basic hydration can make the surface of the skin hydrated, but for the skin that has already appeared dry, it needs to deepen the hydration of the dermis to truly quench the thirsty skin.

Choose a skin care product that strengthens moisturizing and repairing at night

The golden period of skin metabolism and repair is at night. At this time, a lot of water is needed to work together. In addition, it is not possible to replenish water in time to easily cause water shortage. You can choose moisturizing sleep mask or long-lasting hydrating moisturizing essence, which not only can relieve the dryness of the skin on the second day, but also make the hydrating effect deeper.

The more versatile moisturizing mask is, the more effective it is to deal with dry lines.

Ordinary moisturizing mask or mask soaked facial mask paper can only be regarded as the foundation lack of water. For dry skin, you need to choose a hydrating and repairing mask, and the material of the mask must be tightly fitted to the skin. Let the nutrients on the mask penetrate into the lines to smooth out the dry lines.

In addition, if you want to add extra points to the mask, you can use a hot towel to cover the mask, let the pores open with heat, and accelerate the absorption of the skin care products.

The makeup must also moisturize

Applying a dry foundation to the foundation will make the dry lines more visible. You need to replace a moisturizing foundation. Spray some moisturizing spray on your face before applying makeup. After a while, wipe off the excess moisture on your face with a paper towel or cotton pad, and then start applying makeup. Add a proper amount of lotion to the foundation to instantly increase the moisture level of the foundation and leave the dry, peeling skin with a hydrated, translucent finish.

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