Recognize the makeup remover to protect your skin

Make-up remover is the foundation of skin care. It can also be said that makeup remover is to make a more beautiful makeup. It can be seen that makeup removal is an important procedure that women cannot ignore. Make-up remover is the first step in skin care and the most important part. Therefore, choosing the right makeup remover and products will not only make the cleaning work more effective, but also good for the skin.


Out of the makeup removal mistakes Most women who love beauty know the importance of makeup removal, but I don't know that there are many misunderstandings about makeup removal. If you mistakenly enter the makeup remover, your skin will be greatly hurt.
Misunderstanding 1: Cleansing and washing the face in one step to complete a lot of facial cleanser can be written to remove makeup, so many MM for the sake of saving, just use this facial wash to wash once felt that everything is fine. In fact, makeup removal and face washing are completely independent of the two skin care steps, not at the same time.
Myth 2: After removing makeup oil, you don't need to clean your face after removing makeup. Heavy metal ions, dust and other dirt will remain on your face. You need cleanser to clean it. Otherwise, these dirt will clog pores. After a long time, it will form a closed acne.
Misunderstanding 3: Washing your face is equivalent to removing makeup and increasing the number of face washes. It is not a good thing to take away the makeup and dirt, and the grease and moisture are also taken away. If it is heavy makeup, it is even more difficult to use a simple face wash product to remove makeup, because the general cleansing products can not dissolve the oil paint, and the cleaning effect will be much worse.
Myth 4: General makeup remover can also remove eye and lip makeup. The eye and lips are thin and have less sebaceous glands. You need a special gentle makeup remover. Eye and lip make-up remover not only cleans oily dirt, but also is designed for delicate skin. General cleansers do not have these conditions.

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