Precautions and maintenance of low-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Notes on the operation of low-speed refrigerated centrifuge equipment:

1. To prevent the contamination of the instrument with radioisotopes, first carefully observe the sample tube for cracks or trachoma IJ, ~ L, to avoid liquid leakage during centrifugation; secondly, the plastic tube placed in the centrifuge cup should be light. Prevent liquid splashing : If the liquid enters the centrifuge cup and causes contamination in the centrifuge cavity, the centrifuge cup should be taken out immediately, rinsed with tap water and dried, and the centrifuge cavity should be thoroughly cleaned.

2. The stable centrifuge to maintain the environment inside and outside the centrifuge should be placed horizontally, more than 10em away from the wall, and maintain a good ventilation environment, protected from direct exposure to heat sources and sun rays, room temperature should not exceed 3Oq. , Otherwise it will affect the cooling effect. When the outside humidity is high, the water in the centrifuge cavity evaporates slowly, and it should be removed in time to prevent the instrument from rusting. When centrifuging the sample tube just removed from the water temperature box, you should always observe whether there is water in the centrifuge cup and pour it in time to keep the centrifuge cup dry and the balance during centrifugation.

3. To prevent the aging of the seal ring, the upper part of the centrifuge cavity is equipped with a rubber seal ring at the contact with the door. As the use time increases, you should always observe whether there is deformation to prevent external heat from infiltrating people, making the cooling effect poor and affecting the detection result.

4. Set the temperature correctly. When setting the temperature, the upper limit setting value must be too high than the lower limit setting temperature value, otherwise the lower limit setting temperature will be 2 ° C lower than the upper limit setting temperature.

5 Set the speed correctly. When setting the speed, it must be set after the timer is turned on. First convert the required speed into frequency (1H = 60rpa1), and then press â–³ or v to change the required frequency. After a few seconds, the frequency will automatically change the speed: when the instrument is running to change the speed, the SHIUF key cannot be used, otherwise it will cause The program is messy. The speed setting should never exceed the maximum speed to ensure the safe rotation of the instrument.

6. When there is 0.130 or other digital machine does not run during use, it should be turned off and off for 10s, and then restarted. After the set speed is displayed, press the reverse key again.

Maintenance of low speed refrigerated centrifuge:

1. Regular maintenance. As with the maintenance of other medical instruments, in addition to the routine inspection and maintenance of electrical circuits, electronic circuits, and mechanical rotating parts, pay attention to the damage and aging of various indicators.

2. Keep the centrifugal cup symmetrically balanced. Although the centrifuge has a secondary shock absorption device, such as the unbalanced sample tube placed in the centrifuge chamber, it will cause the centrifuge to shake and shift. After shutdown and reset, you should carefully check whether the instrument is normal.

3. The door bolt of the centrifuge cover should be checked frequently to keep flexible and prevent forced opening or closing. When bad contact occurs, it should be repaired and replaced in time. For common faults, we should pay more attention to observation and eliminate in time.

4 Do a good job in the registration of the working state of the centrifuge and each working time, record the original fault of the instrument and the troubleshooting method, and ask in time to ensure that the instrument works in the best state.

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