Plan SPG Launches New Grass Seed Packaging

Plan SPG has recently introduced a new grass seed package that uses an innovative “porous” sowing design and is very practical. At the same time, it also has a re-sealable infusion port that can pour the grass seeds in the large package into the carton to facilitate the use of the gardener when repairing the lawn. "Convenience" is becoming a trend.

In addition, the temperature and humidity requirements of grass seed products are very high. In order to adapt them to harsh environments, the carton is required to have high moisture-proof and compressive properties. In order to achieve this goal, the French manufacturer CGV, the carton manufacturer, improved the carton structure while changing the cardboard material from FBB cardboard to FR VI CARRY. Facts have proved that the versatility and durability of this type of carton are very successful. In the three-year warranty period, the carton has a good protection no matter what kind of environment (temperature and humidity changes and pressure, etc.) it encounters. .

Source: Export Goods Packaging

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