Paper jams use silica gel for non-slip handling

Paper or cardboard surface coated with a thin layer of transparent silicone coating, is conducive to increase the coefficient of surface friction (COF). The advantages of this mature treatment are: improved friction to obtain a higher slip angle; the role of friction eliminates reel slipping or compression during winding; increases the number of dye spots on the surface of the paper and improves printing performance.

Friction is an important property of paper and cardboard, copy paper requires constant friction, and paper bags and cartons require high friction. The coefficient of friction affects the slip angle. The trend of increasing slip angle is consistent with the increase in the number of recycled fibers. The reduction in the coefficient of friction was attributed to the reduction of fiber and the intervention of paper and cardboard when recycled. For example, different extracts have different effects on the slip angle of the final product. In general, the main extracts are long carbon chains, saturated carbon chains, polar groups will reduce the friction coefficient. These may be linked together in the production of paper and cardboard, of course, depending on the fiber source and product performance.

Source: PACK.CN

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