New Chinese mahogany furniture is the future development trend

Modern people's life is generally fast-paced, and home space is often the most relaxing place to relax, and furniture is the key. With the gradual improvement of living standards, the public's choice of furniture has also increased from the past focus on price and practicality to the pursuit of individual comfort, and the consumption behavior has become more rational. Under such a trend, the mahogany furniture market has also set off a fresh air, and new Chinese-style mahogany furniture is increasingly popular with consumers.

Traditional mahogany furniture does not hide the understanding of mahogany furniture, people know that traditional mahogany furniture, in terms of material selection, design, production process, have certain traditions and limitations. Therefore, relatively speaking, its choice of product materials and styles is not very rich.

Classical mahogany furniture is very heavy material. According to the collector Mr. Ma Weidu, the Chinese people's respect for furniture materials has an indescribable ancient complex. There has been a saying of “one yellow, two blacks and three reds” in the square, and it is believed that only furniture made of huanghuali, red sandalwood and old redwood is commendable. In the production process, because of the influence of traditional culture, the thoughts are relatively closed, and some furniture such as chairs, stools, sofas, etc. are more formal. The complex carvings and old-fashioned tones are calm and luxurious, full of quiet and solemn beauty, but lack the simplicity and romance that are indispensable in modern life, and they are not comfortable to use.

New Chinese style is not simple

The new Chinese-style mahogany furniture has entered the modern fashion elements in the traditional Chinese style. Through in-depth analysis and induction of the original style elements, the design has been redesigned to integrate the simple fashion. In terms of styling design, “New Chinese Style” changed the style characteristics of traditional furniture, and improved the traditional mahogany furniture in various ways to make the furniture more in line with the modern people's living needs and living habits. In the production process, the traditional production was maintained. At the same time of the characteristics and advantages, the introduction of modern techniques and production techniques to solve the problems of shrinkage and cracking that may occur in traditional process manufacturing. The function of “New Chinese” furniture is more practical, comfortable and humanized, and the overall shape is more and more large, wide and open.

New Chinese potential market capacity is large

Because the new mahogany furniture minus the complicated carvings and valuable wood, the cost is relatively lower than the classical mahogany furniture, the price is moderate, so it caters to the consumption needs of most middle-end Chinese. The consumption level of the new Chinese mahogany furniture is at the middle of the pyramid. Compared with the luxury goods industry at the top, the consumer groups are relatively large, so the market is faster, and it is easy to form an advantage.

Correspondingly, the new Chinese-style mahogany furniture can adapt to more environments. As long as the general living room is simply decorated and has sufficient light, it has basically the conditions for configuring such furniture. Unlike classical mahogany furniture, there must be a suitable environment, otherwise it will not complement each other.

New Chinese style is the future development trend

While being favored by the consumer market, the market structure and industrial chain of new Chinese mahogany furniture are also constantly developing. The new Chinese style will become the development trend of the future furniture market, which is beyond doubt. Regardless of all technical factors, the current market consumption is constantly youngening, and young people are becoming the mainstream of consumption. The same is true for the consumption of mahogany furniture, which is showing a trend of rejuvenation. These young, purchasing people like to have unique styles and personalized products. The combination of modern elements, ergonomically comfortable and stylish new Chinese mahogany furniture, is right for their taste. The new Chinese style of marketable market will surely become the future development trend of the mahogany furniture market.

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