Men should be doing this fitness in their lifetime


Steve Stingberg, a well-known American fitness expert, gold body training consultant, and his team said in CNN 's health column: "If you already have the habit of exercising, that's great; if you haven't gone to the gym yet The plan can start slowly," Stinberg said. "It's not negligible that your age can affect your physical condition, so exercising according to the following recommendations can help you maintain a healthy body."

For the physical condition of men of different ages, Stinberg proposed the corresponding fitness recommendations, ladies and gentlemen!

Men under 30 :

Youth invincibility is not an excuse for ignoring health. At this age, men should try to challenge the limits of their body while running and exercising. You can try to enhance your explosiveness. Relatively speaking, whole body exercise is more beneficial than local muscle exercise. Try the extreme obstacle course ( Tough Mudder , a 10-12 mile straddle obstacle course designed by British Special Forces) , which is now one of the most popular extreme sports in the world.

Men 30-40 years old:
Most of the men in this age have experienced a transition from being a son to a father, which is the busiest period of your work. You may have slowly changed from a daily jogger to a "weekend warrior" who only has a weekend to play the game. You think you are still young, but your joints obviously know your body better. When benching in the gym, you can replace the high-pound barbell with a lighter weight dumbbell. It will also reduce the risk of injury during the weekend game while decompressing your joints.

Men aged 40-50 :

The burden of life falls on you. As the child grows up, the family's expenses are getting bigger and bigger, and your stress reaches its peak. Physically, you need to do some exercise to alleviate the sore neck and neck caused by long-term stiff sitting at your desk. Don't think that yoga is exclusive to women. In fact, for men of this age, yoga is an excellent exercise method. It can eliminate psychological pressure while stretching bones.

Men aged 60-70 :

The men of this age, the inner ear tube and the body balance system began to decline, causing problems with the balance function of the person. It is important to note that wrestling is one of the greatest threats to the elderly. In this regard, you need to carry out some balance exercises. The fitness ball is a good choice. Playing Tai Chi is also a significant help to the elderly to find the ability to balance the body.

Men over 70 years old:

Although "the age is high", you can completely refuse to rely on the old and sell old. In fact, we have seen that the elderly are the main force of daily exercise (especially in China, square dance, Tai Chi, morning exercise has become a landscape of the city). The right amount of exercise every day helps the elderly's waist and leg joints and cardiovascular health. Fitness experts' advice for older people is to try to walk 1 km a day.

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