Korean actress teaches you how to deal with winter nose skin problems

Why do you think that the nose is the easiest place to molt and take off makeup? That's because the skin of the nose is the only place where the face can't lock water. Although summer has passed, the dryness and cold winds of winter still make the nose the most annoying problem.
There are many reasons for the imperfection of the nose skin. For example, the loss of collagen in the skin causes the pores to become "sag nose"; the slow metabolism of the horny layer causes the cuticle of the cuticle to become "black nose"; of course, the immune system is reduced in autumn and winter. The fungus grows around the nose and is "acne nose." In the Korean female star who has the "Beauty of the United States", there is a self-satisfaction to deal with these three types of nose problems. Let's share it with you now.

Song Hye Kyo

Beautiful nose representative: Jin Xishan - full of nose without the trouble of Jin Xishan, the perfect facial features, flawless skin, known as "the first beauty of Korea", in her 30s, she was also troubled by the concave pores.
The depressed pores will be slightly sunken at the beginning, and the skin lacks tension and elasticity. If left unattended, the shape will gradually become longer and become a bead-like shape. When the pores grow to a certain extent, the depression will form a shadow and become visually changed. black.
The secret of Jin Xishan against concave pores is to use skin care products that contain collagen or promote its production, increase the support of the skin around the pores, make the pores shrink and firm, and restore the smoothness and elasticity of the nose.
Collagen skin care products recommend Sisley sisley collagen night cream 1200 yuan / 50ML
Contains high levels of soluble collagen to delay skin aging and promote skin renewal. Mallow has the effect of promoting cell tissue softness, enhancing collagen content and soothing the skin.
水芝澳~H2O+ Ocean Deep Repair Night Cream 650 yuan / 50ml
3S collagen reforming technology, through three steps of "1 injection of marine plant collagen; 2 stimulation of collagen and elastic fiber proliferation; 3 strengthening skin's original collagen and elastic fibers, strengthening repair power", combined with a variety of precious oceans The essence is to repair the skin at night and solve 8 major skin problems.
The name of the pet FOR BELOVED ONE collagen repair cream 990 yuan / 30ml
Using deep-sea pollution-free, freshest and active marine collagen, the two major superstars, Matrixyl and Coenzyme Q10, are combined to form a spring-loading factor, which awakens the damaged cells and creates a miracle of activation. Also with shea butter, myrrh-barrel allantoin... perfect combination, solve all skin problems at once, let you have a smooth skin like silk satin again
Beauty nose representative: Song Hye Kyo - against blackheads There is a set of oxygen beauty Song Hye Kyo, nose tip petite, white clean and innocent, but how many people know that Qiaomei is a black nose MM in the student period.
The predecessor of the black-headed pores is a white horn plug, and the acne generated in the pores is oxidized and blackened when it comes into contact with the air. Thereby forming a blackhead. Over time, the old keratin and oil accumulated on the surface of the skin will form acne to block the pores. The acne tightly blocks the pores and oxidizes black, forming blackhead-type pores after oxidation of the oil.
The best way for Qiaomei to deal with the blackheads of the nose is to use facial exfoliation products. Once a week, exfoliation can effectively control the formation of acne. But pay attention to the frequency of use, once a week is appropriate.
Facial exfoliating products recommended Kyanhl's diatomite microcrystalline cream 480 yuan / 75ml
Among them, Keyan's diatomite micro-crystal cream can completely and safely remove the aged cells of the epidermis, reshape the texture of the skin, reduce the texture of the face, make the skin texture smooth and clear, and reduce the appearance of the pores.
Julique Essence Complex Scrub 340 yuan / 40ml
Containing natural exfoliating factors, it gently improves the dullness of the skin, removes dead skin without irritating the skin, and improves the texture of the skin.

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