Goddess Wardrobe Philosophy: Detail Achievement Wardrobe Philosophy

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There is a classic line in "Sex and the City": Love will die, but the shoes have been there. Opening Kelly's white silver cloakroom door, the high-heeled shoes on the whole wall are presented in front of each other. Each pair is a famous teacher's hand, making the female audience across the screen sleepy. Every woman dreams of having an oversized closet that can accommodate all of her own little vanity and dressing inspiration. When a woman shouts "Man is not as good as a wardrobe," she feels that she has the world.

Wardrobe knowledge

The most convenient small wardrobe

A suitable wardrobe meets the individual needs. When the design of the wardrobe itself can not fully satisfy us, some additional accessories can be used to refine the function.

L-shaped hanger

Girls' clothes are different in style and length. Hanging together will cause space waste. An L-shaped hanger can divide the suspension into three small areas--the dress area is placed in the dressing area, the shorts area is suspended from the top, the shirt, and the shorts area is used for storage. Shorts, short skirts, handbags, etc.


Every girl has countless accessories, which are easy to find when throwing them, and it is much more convenient to "hidden" them in the closet. To make scarves, belts, hairpins, etc. all sorts of things, it is necessary to distinguish them, and the scientific and rational division makes the wardrobes well organized.

Pants rack

There are many dress pants that are afraid of pleating. It is not wise to put the trousers on top. It is recommended to install a trousers rack in the closet and determine the size of the trousers according to the number of trousers. Another advantage of the trousers rack is that it is more comfortable to pick and place trousers, regardless of color or texture.

Multi-layer storage bag

It is appropriate to place a cotton vest in a storage bag. T-shirts, vests, slings, etc. are rolled into rolls, and stored in a grid according to different colors or types, which saves space and does not press out the dead pleats. This method can also be used to store socks and cotton shorts.

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