Four characteristics of vacuum drying equipment in tablet production

Abstract: Drying is the last step in the production of tablets from raw material extraction to dry paste semi-finished products. The application of drying equipment and technology is directly related to product quality. In the production of tablets, the other links are controlled as well. If there are problems such as uneven drying, the destruction of active ingredients, and heat-sensitive deterioration in the drying process, the quality of the tablets will eventually fall short.

Vacuum continuous drying equipment and technology have the advantages of low temperature drying, less damage to active ingredients, loose and easily soluble absorption, drying and sterilization, so as to ensure high effective ingredients, high sterility index, and good oral absorption. Therefore, compared with the currently commonly used oven drying method, spray drying method, etc., the vacuum continuous drying method has many unique advantages, which can ensure that the product quality is much higher than the products using other drying methods.

The vacuum continuous drying method has the following four main characteristics: low temperature drying In a vacuum environment, the boiling point of moisture is reduced, which can achieve low temperature drying, which provides favorable conditions for the drying of heat-sensitive materials and can better avoid the effective ingredients of the product during the drying process. Damaged by high temperature. For example, when producing natural extract products, the product is in a vacuum and closed environment during the entire drying process. The drying process is mild (temperature 40 ° C ~ 60 ° C), which can maximize its effective ingredients. Under the vacuum environment of anaerobic differentiation, the oxygen partial pressure is reduced, which avoids the oxidative deterioration of the material during the drying process and guarantees the quality of the dried product. Loose micropores Under a high vacuum state, after a period of time, the product is gradually dried. From the microstructure, there are micropores inside. After being directly crushed to the required particle size, the particles have good fluidity. At the same time, due to the microscopic loose structure, the particles are extremely soluble, which is more conducive to human body absorption. Simultaneous sterilization in a vacuum anoxic state can effectively inhibit the propagation of bacteria and achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. While drying the product, the sterilization function can be realized again. Double sterilization ensures the sterility of the product.

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