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[Chinese and foreign toy network news] Hula hoop, also known as the fitness circle, was first popular in Europe, America, Australia and Japan. Due to its light and beautiful appearance, the practice activities occupy a small footprint and soon become a sport for all ages. Skilled people can get better exercise and development of waist and abdomen muscles, buttocks muscles and leg muscles, which can effectively improve the flexibility and flexibility of the human waist, hip and knee joints. For the dieter, you can reach the purpose of significantly thin waist and thin abdomen. It is a sports toy for both men and women.

The history of hula hoop toys dates back to 1958 and was made by two young toy manufacturers in San Gabriel, California. Richard Nell and Arthur Merlin are partner owners of a manufacturing company called Wham Ao. In March 1958, at a toy fair in New York, an acquaintance told them that there was a big wooden ring that was popular everywhere in Australia, and the child put it on his butt and turned around. After returning to the company, Nell and Merlin began to make wooden rings. But after doing 20, I stopped. They don't like wood and want to try it with plastic. In May, they made something that met their requirements. They made a 3-foot circle with colorful polyethylene tubes, each selling for nine-point three-points, with a gross margin of 16%. This new toy is named Hula Hoop.

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