Evaluation: details with exquisite German and Italian 299A embedded gas-fired dual-use cooker

At the beginning of this product, the testers also felt more novel. Different from the common cooker, this is a gas-electric integrated cooker, and the embedded design also makes it perfectly integrated with the kitchen. The integrated tempered glass panel is equipped with full intelligent touch sensing control, LED digital display. The combination of various details can be described as exquisite.

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This product is compact and simple, and the tempered glass panel gives it a stylish and cool temperament. At the same time, the embedded cooker can release the cooking space of the kitchen to a greater extent, and adapt to the integration effect of the whole kitchen. One-piece tempered glass panel with electromagnetic cooker Schott glass-ceramic, exquisite and elegant to show the cool temperament.
A closer look reveals that the German-Italian 299A embedded gas-electric dual-purpose cooker uses a fully intelligent touch-sensing control, LED digital display, and easy display of working status.

? Integrated tempered glass panel with electromagnetic cooker Schott glass-ceramic, exquisite and elegant. The tester especially learned that Schott glass-ceramics have the characteristics of longitudinal heat transfer without lateral heat transfer, which reduces the intermediate part of heat transfer, and has higher thermal efficiency than domestic microcrystalline panels, and its thermal efficiency is as high as 85% or more. At the same time, the temperature of the non-heating zone of the panel during the use of the glass is very low, which reduces the possibility of burns and is safe for daily use. The German-Italian 299A gas-electric integrated stove adopts the intelligent full-touch control button, which only needs to be close to the button body to feel the body temperature and then react. The tester immediately verified the technology and didn't need to use his fingers to go to the point. As soon as the button was pressed, the intelligent control system started to operate, which was very convenient.

The German-Italian 299A induction cooker has 6 stages of firepower and can be changed as needed. The assessment personnel learned that the gas valve switch can be controlled electronically, and can adjust the rapid firepower of 7 segments; with the fine tuning fine control, 16 firepower can be realized. The induction cooker has a timing function of 9 hours and 59 minutes, which can precisely control the cooking time, so that both watching TV and soup can have both. At the same time, the buzzer reminder function is added, which is more convenient.

The German-Italian 299A gas stove is completely on the air intake structure. The air required for combustion completely enters from the top of the cooktop, and the oxygen is independently supplied. This completely eliminates the problem of mixing the gas stove with the induction cooker to make the combustion more complete, thus avoiding the lack of air. Red fire, tempering and other issues.

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