Evaluation: Boss hood 8310N + 9B26N "double suction" smoke

Introduction: This is the kitchen appliance you want. The cooker hood is made of all stainless steel, which is stylish and durable. The large suction of 17m3 / min makes your kitchen fume nowhere to hide, and the disassembly-free cleaning technology makes you worry-free. The gas stove has stylish atmospheric toughened and explosion-proof glass panel, high safety factor, long service life of all-copper material burner head, central fire technology is large enough and fierce, and there is no pressure for cooking. What's more important is that the price is guaranteed to be the lowest in the whole network, the absolute manufacturer specializes in supplying sources, regular machine invoices, free delivery and installation of buried pipes, accept the whole network price comparison, buy expensive and make up the difference.

↑ The boss smoke machine set 8310N + 9B26N, kitchen festival crazy price 4480 yuan / set

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Evaluation location Evaluation time on this website 2013-10-23 Evaluation brand boss electrical evaluation product range hood 8310 + gas stove 9B26 reference price 6340 yuan / set of evaluation items suction test, demolition and washing test

1. The first impression of the product

Extremely simple inverted "T" shape, classic fashion. The metal gray stainless steel shell has a soft luster shining on the surface, smooth and delicate to the touch, and the straight lines depict the toughness and fortitude of the product.

The black explosion-proof tempered glass panel of the gas stove is simple and cool; the design of the double stove head meets the needs of daily cooking; the panel is formed seamlessly as a whole, and there is no dead corner when cleaned.

2. Product details

The surface of the boss hood 8310N is brushed metal gray, which has a strong sense of modernity. The surface is coated with metal plastic powder, and the feel is smooth.

Put the range hood on the side, you can see the inner cavity of the range hood. The inner cavity of the boss hood 8310N is a seamless internal cavity stamped in one piece. The angle of the inner cavity is scientific. The choking smell of fume.

Let's take a look at the operation panel of the range hood, which is located in the middle of the bottom of the range hood. The housewife can touch it with just a hand lift. A small four metallic buttons represent lighting, weak gear, strong gear, switch, and operation. It's very simple. Then look up at the oil filter of the cooker hood. The filter is also made of stainless steel, showing an inverted umbrella shape, which can absorb the smoke from all directions without dead angles.

After reading the range hood, let's take a look at the stove that is equipped with the range hood. The boss 9B26N is equipped with a combustion equalization system and a main fire center system to allow the flame to burn more fully.

The two round pot racks are of snap-on design, suitable for both pans and sharp-bottomed pots. The pots are placed stably and not easy to slide, making cooking as you like.

0 seconds ignition device, the ignition success rate is 100%, easy to use.

The knob for igniting and adjusting the size of the flame has a simple design and is also made of stainless steel.

This gas stove also performs well in terms of energy saving. The unique bionic convection hole accelerates the contact between oxygen and gas, so that the firepower can be fully and efficiently burned.

3. Product performance test

1. Dimensional measurement

Measure the length and width of the boss smoking machine 8310N with a tape measure. The actual measured value is 89.5cm in length and 49.5cm in width.

2. Simulated oil fume scene

Business card experiment: turn on the range hood, put two business cards on the filter screen of the range hood, the business card is attracted to the oil guide broadband due to suction, turn off the hood, the business card falls into the oil cup along the oil guide broadband, and the oil pollution returns to the oil Features in the cup.

3. Quick release test of oil net

Oil net quick-release test: After the oil net absorbs enough oil fume, it needs to be cleaned regularly, so what needs to be done when the boss stainless steel hood 8310N is removed and washed? According to the steps in the above picture, we found that it is actually very simple. To disassemble the oil net, simply unscrew the two screws and remove the bayonet.

4. Oil filter effect

Oil net filter effect test: By comparing the boss oil net model with other brand oil net models, the boss hood oil net has a good filtering effect and the inner cavity is clean.

4. Evaluation summary

The range hood 8310 is a cost-effective star. The one-piece seamless Baosteel 304 stainless steel body is stylish and generous. It will become one of the highlights of your kitchen. The 17m3 / min large suction power allows you to enjoy the fun of cooking in a kitchen without fume. Patented technology is the industry leader, so you do not have to worry about cleaning the range hood. The gas stove 9B26 has always been the market sales champion, not only her fashionable appearance, but also loved by customers, easy to clean and easy to take care of. The all-copper burner head and the main fire center technology allow you to cook whatever you want.

5. Installation Cases of Netizens

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