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Merrell hiking shoes evaluation report (41 yards)

Model R485137
Test time: February 27, 2011 (mountainous area)
Test Location: Beijing West Tester: (Chairman)
Tested road surface: gravel road covered with ice and snow, mainly above and below the elevation

Official description of the parameters of shoes:
High quality full leather upper
WATERPROOF socks waterproof breathable film inside
AEGIS® Antibacterial Technology
200g OPTI-WARM lightweight warm structure
COLDPROOF ORTHOLITE Cold Antibacterial Comfort Insoles AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion on the heel
ORTHOLITE® Bacteriostatic Technology Insole.
QFORM female patented technology Melody rubber outsole.

Shoes are the most important equipment for outdoor people. While they are physically and mentally feeling the happiness of the outdoors, their feet are constantly tested by mud, earth, stone, rain, and snow. The following are the author's tests and feelings for the shoe.

First, appearance and weight

Opening the shoe box made me shine: this beautiful, cool black high-top hiking shoe

The color of the outdoor hiking shoes is mostly brown, and the overall color of this shoe is pure black. It is very cool, and it feels like a special army boots. The other advantage of black is that it is a good match for underwear, and almost any style, any color of hard-liner can be used with this shoe. According to my shoe-watching habits, the first thing is to take the weight of the shoes. The single shoe is about 500g, which means that this shoe can not only take heavy-duty lines, but also can go long-distance light lines. Looking at the soles of the shoes, the rubber outsole characteristic of Mele is very strong, and the heel and the soles of the feet have non-slip grooves, which are suitable for all kinds of complicated road conditions.

According to the official Melo official profile, this shoe is particularly focused on thermal performance and waterproof performance, and it can protect people's feet in the harsh outdoor environment. In terms of warmth, OPTI-WARM patented thermal technology was applied. In terms of waterproofing, the height of the upper can effectively prevent rain and snow from entering the shoe through the mouth of the shoe, and WATERPROOF waterproof and breathable technology is to put on the “raincoat” for the entire shoe body.

Fasten the laces, I walked a few steps indoors, very light, and the ankles were tightly surrounded. I believe that in the rough road, the high-top design of the shoes can effectively prevent crappy feet and give people a sense of security. .

Second, experience

On the weekend, we came to Cat Mountain. Today is a snow-capped day, and it is already under a thick inch. It looks like the shoes should be tested for anti-slip, waterproof and cold resistance. Many of the roads are slippery, and the sole's awe-inspiring, non-slip design makes me very comfortable. At this time, it was a harsh winter after the Spring Festival. However, the feet were not cold at all. On the contrary, it was very warm. I believe this shoe is capable of snow skiing in the cold season, which is minus 20 degrees.

Let's experience the comfort

As we all know, new shoes need to wear a few times to get comfortable. This pair of shoes I did not adapt after the first hand, I walked directly on the mountain walk.

At the beginning I was worried that I would wear my feet, but in fact, the feeling of comfort has always been with me down the mountain.

In particular, the air cushion design of the heel plays a good cushioning effect in the downhill process. The high-top design industry stabilizes the ankles and prevents the lameness, and the soles are not as hard as outdoor shoes. After the mountain, the feet are very easy. ,Not tired. Take off the shoes, the shoes are still very dry, fully proved that the breathability of these shoes is no less than Gore-tex fabric. In addition, the rubber on the soles is not slippery on the downhill road with thick snow, which is a victory over the general V bottom.

Overall feeling: This shoe has a novel appearance, meticulous workmanship, excellent comfort, and first-rate protection performance. Compared to the bulkiness of traditional hiking shoes, this shoe can run on flat roads, especially in cold weather, waterproof, and non-slip. On the other hand, we have done extremely well and we can see its superior design.

As for wear resistance, it takes a lot of complicated lines to further test

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