Discussion on Paper Cup Printing Technology (Part 1)

The paper cup has the advantages of good safety and sanitation, excellent water resistance, easy processing and forming during production, and no deformation during use. The safety and sanitation of the paper cup and the processability of the continuous molding determine that the paper cup has its own particularity in the selection of ink components, the amount of residual solvent, and the printing process in printing.

In the field of packaging, on the one hand, the whole society promotes cleaner production. It is required that packaging products should achieve energy saving and consumption reduction throughout the entire life cycle. Measures to reduce pollution and increase efficiency On the other hand, due to increased awareness of environmental protection, in order to meet the needs of green packaging, packaging products are required to be safe and hygienic, and have a good adaptability to environmental protection. The production and use of paper cups exactly meet the above requirements. Replacing disposable plastic cups with paper cups can reduce white pollution. Obviously, the paper cup is an ideal product to replace the plastic utensils widely used in the market.

Processing form

Paper cup paper can be processed into a cone or cylindrical cup shape, and can also be processed into other shapes of ice cream cups for daily life use, so paper cups have gradually become popular.

Paper cups can be roughly divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their uses. The two paper cup solid uses and different processing forms have different requirements on the quality of the paper cup material. In addition to meeting the packaging and processing performance requirements, the paper cup material must also have a certain printability and the paper cup printing must also meet the conditions of the heat sealing table in the processing of the paper cup.

1. Hot drink cup

Usually used for hot drinks. The processing material is a single-sided composite paper, that is, single-sided coated paper. It is usually printed on the non-PE side and printed directly on the paper. Due to the need for hot drinks. This kind of paper cup needs to have a certain heat insulation after processing, so usually these products require a certain thickness and stiffness of the paper to increase the heat insulation of the paper cup. The larger the volume, the thicker the paper used.

Due to the needs of the dry market, printing on paper cups is a method of propaganda adopted by many manufacturers. At the same time, exquisite printed patterns also put a gorgeous coat on the paper cup. Bring good visual enjoyment to consumers. The printing of single-coated PE paper is performed on the paper surface, so in addition to the selected ink must meet the food hygiene requirements. The influence of other forces of paper on printing is similar to that of ordinary paper.

2. Cold drink cup

The cold drink cups are divided into two types according to different processing methods. One is to make the paper have good anti-permeation performance through the wax dipping process after the base paper is printed and the other is to make the paper have anti-permeability through the double-sided composite PE . The printing requirements of the materials of the two different processing forms are different. The printing of paper cups processed by wax dipping is carried out on the paper surface. As for the printing itself, there are no special requirements for the raw materials. For the double-sided paper after compounding, to obtain a good printing effect is that the compounded paper needs special treatment to obtain.

Paper cup material

The production process of the cold drink cup; printed directly from the paper base paper, die-cutting and forming. Spray food wax on the surface. The process of making hot drink cups is to make paper cup paper from paper base paper through PE film. print. Die cutting. Processing and forming.

1 Composition of paper base paper

1) Base paper composition

The main component of paper cup base paper is plant fiber, and its manufacturing process is generally made of softwood. Broad-leaved wood and other plant fibers are made into pulp, which are loose pulped, ground pulp, added with chemical auxiliary materials, and screened with paper machine.

(2) Technical requirements

According to the processing performance and use performance of the paper cup, the paper base paper must have the following technical requirements.

â‘ High water resistance

It is required that the printed paper cup has no water leakage or water leakage, so the original paper of the paper cup has high water resistance.

â‘¡Easy to process and shape

When making paper cups. In order to avoid paper jams and wrinkles during the manufacturing process, and to prevent deformation of the paper cup after forming, the stiffness of the base paper of the paper cup is required to be high in flatness and good in density and thickness, and easy to process and form.

â‘¢The surface of the paper is delicate

When printing paper cups, it is required to control the roughness value of the printing surface of the base paper or the surface to be printed after the PE film is coated to meet the printing requirements of the paper cup surface.

â‘£High whiteness

Without the use of fluorescent agents. The base paper should have a considerable paper whiteness to ensure that the printed patterns are clear and vivid.

⑤High safety

Paper cups are food packaging materials, which are in direct contact with the population, and must meet the hygiene standards in terms of hygiene. The original paper cups and paper cups must be regularly sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for safety inspection. To ensure that users use safety. The paper cup base paper must comply with <Hygienic Standard for Food Packaging Base Paper) GBl 1 680, the paper cup paper must comply with the "Hygienic Standard for Polyethylene Molded Products for Food Packaging" CB / T9687, and products (including special plastic particles) must also be sent to relevant agencies for FDA Quality testing and compliance to ensure that the paper cups meet the hygienic standards set by the state and meet the requirements of domestic and foreign users in terms of hygienic safety.

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