Daily maintenance method of sliding contact line

It is very important to strengthen the maintenance of the safety sliding contact line during use. Many units of the sliding contact line system have frequent failures due to maintenance failure, which affects normal production. Based on many years of experience, the technicians of our company put forward their views on the daily maintenance of sliding contact lines:

1. Electric brush: It should be checked every 1-3 months according to the usage of mobile electrical equipment. Focus on checking the wear of the current collector brushes. If the wear is ≥ 5mm, it must be replaced. If the brush is loose or wear and deflection occurs during the inspection, the cause should be identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

2. Current collector: Check at least once every quarter. Focus on checking the fasteners for looseness, displacement, and wear of plastic and moving parts, and check the spring tension (the contact between the collector brush and the guide rail should be kept at a certain pressure (see table below). If problems are found, handle them in a timely manner.

3. Connector: Check at least once a year. Focus on checking whether the tightening bolts, welding seams and supporting parts are loose, corroded, displaced, etc., and promptly deal with any problems found.

4. Daily inspection: focus on checking the straightness of the track for obvious deviations (greater than 20mm), misalignment, insulation protection pieces falling off, breakage, damage, stainless steel "v" grooves for lifting; foreign matter on the track And conductive dust. If necessary, check whether the insulation resistance meets the requirements (interphase insulation resistance should be ≥10MΩ).

5. Especially for environments with large deviations such as coincidence, gauge, and inclination of the track, frequent use, excessive dust in the workshop, high temperature and water, acid, alkali, fog and outdoor use, daily inspection and maintain.

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