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On November 4th, Fenix ​​headlamp HL30 was named "Best Bargain" in the annual equipment evaluation of the American mainstream outdoor magazine "Backpacker" and gave the comment "A bargain headlamp that's still Powerful and durable (an affordable but very powerful and durable headlight). Coincidentally, just last month, Fenix's Other headlight HL10 was also named "Editor's Choice Award" by another famous American outdoor magazine, "Outdoor Life."
The HL30 is a high-brightness dual-source headlamp. It uses a high-performance red and white bi-color LED light source with a maximum brightness of 200 lumens and a maximum range of up to 140 hours. It features high brightness performance and excellent floodlight. The HL10 is a stylish and elegant EDC headlamp, which can be used as a light and reliable headlight and a classic miniature flashlight.
HL series is a series of high-brightness lightweight headlights developed by Fenix ​​(Fenix). The appearance is exquisite and compact, excellent performance and reliable, rich stall design, up to IPX-8 waterproof effect, especially suitable for outdoor hiking, jogging and daily Application allows you to truly enjoy outdoor sports in various environments.

Fenix ​​is ​​the leading brand of outdoor sports lighting, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and sales of outdoor sports lighting tools. The products cover flashlights, headlights, bicycle lights and other series, with excellent performance and reliable quality. It is one of the few with international Competitive domestic brands. At present, Fenix ​​lighting products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and have won the unanimous recognition and reputation of global consumers.

Fenix ​​(Phoenix) List of award-winning products over the years:

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