Common sense of operation of ultraviolet aging test box

The ultraviolet aging test box is one of the photoaging test equipment and the center of gravity products in the environmental test equipment industry. In addition to the product configuration affecting the product life, daily maintenance is also crucial.

When people use electrical appliances, they all know that they need to unplug the power switch after the appliance is completed. This is also the most common sense. The ultraviolet aging test box also has the same requirements. After shutting down, all power must be unplugged to turn off the main gate and place In a well-ventilated place, it is best to wrap it with plastic wrap. The water in the water tank should be drained off and dried, as is the sample rack. If the equipment is not tested for more than two months, the lamp needs to be disassembled and placed separately.

If the UV aging test box fails, please try not to repair it by yourself. Please contact the manufacturer for on-site treatment or assist in processing according to the manufacturer's requirements. Take the company's laboratory equipment as your own electrical appliances. This is the best maintenance for users. .

Common sense of operation of ultraviolet aging test box

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