Can't ignore accessories when buying a wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Many consumers pay attention to the appearance of the wardrobe when purchasing the wardrobe and neglect the purchase of the accessories of the wardrobe. In fact, the wardrobe accessories are the soul of the whole wardrobe . It can not only reflect the design inspiration of the wardrobe, but also satisfy the consumption. The use of the wardrobe, the wardrobe accessories mainly include rotating clothes hanging, push-pull mirror, lattice frame, pants rack, tie lattice and other objects.

1, trousers rack

Stacked trousers will have creases, while trousers racks will leave creases free of creases and require no less than 600mm of hanging space, so trousers are usually placed under the drawers, which saves space.

2, pull plate

Stacked woolen clothing codes can be very troublesome to find together. If you use a draw-tab, you can make the stacked clothes well, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should choose carefully.

3, tie box

Every successful man will have multiple ties, and these ties will be lined up in a non-tie box. This tie box takes up less space than a drawer, so you can "snap the pins" to arrange the position of the tie box. Your socks, shorts, scarves and other small items have a home.

4, push-pull mirror

There must be a face-changing mirror in the closet. The dressing mirror of the overall wardrobe design is hidden in the closet. It can be seen with a light pull. The dressing mirror pushed back is tightly attached to the cabinet board, and does not occupy the space inside the closet. The mirrors make you radiant.

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