BLO MAX 3rd Generation Blow Molding Machine Adds Added Value to PET Blowing Bottles

In 2005, SIG challenged the bottle blowing technology and launched the third-generation BLOMAX blower. The new third-generation BLOMAX blow molding machine has the following features.

1. Retain the unique design features of the previous SIG blow molding machines. The mandrel transfer system ensures that the preforms are free from contact or flipping. The operation is simple and smooth, and they are transported on the same level.

2. The machine series design is more professional. Taking into account all aspects of the components and the stretch blow molding process, it is safer for ultra-high speed production, without the limitation of the stretching speed, and can withstand greater pressure. Bottles up to 1.5 liters are rated for up to 1800 bottles/hour/cavity.

3. Strict modular design concept. The entire series uses common components, greatly reducing the number of parts required and making the lead-time shorter.

4. The design is flexible and can be changed according to future production needs.

5. Provide a flexible mold design that can use any mold on the blowing machine.

6. Linear furnaces and blow molds are self-supporting designs and are no longer welded integrally wheeled bodies.

7. Shorter preform spacing in the furnace (38 mm jars using 50 mm preform spacing furnaces) allows the machine to require less heat and save energy. The heating chain is non-inverting and the movement is simple and reliable, almost no friction, so it will not be affected by thermal expansion and wear.

8. Mechanical stretching, no need for low pressure working air. Users save the investment cost of low pressure air compressors.

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The use and type of colored label stickers

1. Coated paper stickers Color Labels:

The universal label paper with multi-color product labels is applicable to information labels for medicines, foods, edible oils, wines, beverages, appliances, and stationery.

2. thermal paper stickers color labels:

Suitable for price tags and other retail uses and other information labels.

3. PET (polypropylene) self-adhesive color labels:

The fabric has transparent, bright gold, bright silver, sub-gold, sub-silver, milky white, matt milky white water resistance, oil and chemical products and other important product labels for toilet articles, cosmetics, electrical appliances, mechanical products, especially suitable for High-new product information label.

4. PVC self-adhesive color labels:

The fabric has transparent, bright milky white, matt milky white water resistance, oil and chemical products and other important product labels, used for bathroom products, cosmetics, electrical products, especially for high-new products, information labels.

Color Labels

Color Labels

Color Labels,The Color Stickers,The High-grade Color Stickers,Color Round Sticker

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