Analysis of high temperature furnace structure introduction and operation process

The steel tube continuous annealing furnace is a new type of fully automatic roller-type continuous annealing furnace newly developed by our company (including the feeding table, heating furnace, cooling box, and discharging table). In the feeding table, heating furnace, cooling box, and discharging table, several continuous rotating idler rollers are provided. The reducer drives the above idler rollers to continuously rotate through the chain drive, so that the workpieces on the idler rollers continue to move forward. There is no fixed contact point between the workpiece and the roller shaft, the workpiece is heated uniformly, there is no bumps, and the deformation is small. At the same time, because the supporting roller in the furnace always rotates in the heating furnace, the heat energy loss is relatively small, and the furnace thermal efficiency is high. In addition, on All materials and unloading are controlled by the infrared sensor to control the automatic feeding and discharging of the cylinder without manual pushing, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency; a number of temperature-controlled indirect cooling devices are installed in the cooling box to improve the cooling speed and cooling of the workpiece Accuracy; partition heat insulation wall is set between each section to reduce the temperature effect between sections, improve the temperature control accuracy and reduce energy consumption.

The equipment is mainly used for the surface of the treated parts with bright, no decarburization layer and uniform hardness. It is especially suitable for the bright annealing of ultra-long tube rods of stainless steel, copper alloy and other alloys. The annealing of pipes of various materials is similar, and the bright annealing process of steel pipes is introduced as follows:

1. Make sure that the steel pipe is clean and free of oil dirt and dust, and the ground environment around the electric furnace is clean (normally the steel pipe is pulled out and wiped clean and immediately annealed, not more than 48 hours).

2. Before starting the furnace, first decompose ammonia to the required decomposition temperature, ensure a good air intake state, and check whether nitrogen is sufficient (normally maintain 6-10 bottles of full bottle of nitrogen).

3. Before opening the furnace, check whether all intake valves are closed and close all intake valves. To start nitrogen feeding, first open several valves in front of the nitrogen inlet and adjust the pressure to 0.3-0.5Mpa (intake pressure). While opening all the inlet valves of the electric furnace for nitrogen, also open the inverter motor of the electric furnace to check whether it is operating normally, and then turn on the water pump to see if the water inlet and outlet are normal, and use an oxygen meter (place the two furnace heads) to measure The oxygen content in the furnace. If the oxygen is exhausted, open the hydrogen gas inlet valve to keep the hydrogen gas inlet volume at 25-35 ㎡ / s, and at the same time reduce the nitrogen gas volume to allow them to simultaneously inhale. At this time, the ignition was started at both ends of the furnace mouth. When igniting, a wooden stick was held in the hand, and the wooden stick head was wrapped with a cloth to ignite it. After the fire at both ends of the furnace is ignited, the electric furnace temperature control switch is turned on and adjusted to the desired temperature. At the same time, the valve for nitrogen is closed, and the flow valve for the ammonia gas is adjusted to 40 ㎡ / s. Start to put 1-2 steel pipes. If everything is normal when the steel pipe is released, it can be officially fed into production.

4. It is necessary to wear neatly when operating, and it is strictly forbidden to wear short sleeves and slippers to prevent the electric furnace from being burned and the workpiece scratched!

5. After all steel pipes are closed, first turn off the temperature control of the electric furnace, and close the ammonia decomposition valve. Then start to feed in nitrogen (the inlet pressure of nitrogen is opened to 0.3-0.5Mpa,) Remember that the amount of nitrogen should be normal, and there must be no nitrogen stop in the middle. Until the fire at both ends of the furnace is automatically extinguished, the nitrogen can be turned off and all valves on the electric furnace closed. After two to three hours, close the input water source valve and frequency conversion motor

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