Analysis of common printed label characteristics

Flexo label: The letterpress printing, also known as flexographic printing, is the mainstream processing method of label printing today.

In-mold labeling: refers to the surface treated with PP synthetic paper, and the back side is coated with special hot-melt adhesive to form a special label paper, which is printed and made into a trademark. Use a mechanical hand to suck up the printed label and place it in the mold. The vacuum hole on the mold will firmly adsorb the label in the mold. When the raw material of the plastic bottle is heated and sags like a hose, the mold with the label is quickly closed, and the air is blown into the hose to make it close to the mold wall. At this time, the temperature in the entire mold is still relatively high, which is close to the bottle body. The prototype label solid adhesive begins to melt and join with the plastic bottle in the mold. So when the mold is opened again, the plastic bottle is formed, and the label and the bottle are merged into one. Make the beautifully printed trademark firmly embedded on the surface of the product, the label and the bottle are on the same surface, and there is no label in the sense. The color graphics and text are printed directly on the surface of the bottle body, giving a fresh feeling.

Gravure label: Gravure printing is the main printing method of plastic film printing today, mainly for the printing of various plastic packaging bags and cola, edible oil and other styles of peripheral label printing (there is no adhesive on the back of this type of label). Not many plastic labels.

Silk-screen labels: Silk-screen labels are mainly used in electronic machinery industry. Membrane switch is a typical product of its process. The advantages of silk-screen printing are thick ink layer, colorful colors, unevenness, and strong visual impact. It is suitable for restoring simple lines, color blocks, text and other patterns, and generally the total printing color number does not exceed 4 colors. The disadvantage is that the printing gradient color effect is poor, and it is impossible to achieve beautiful multi-color printing effects.

Digital label: The use of digital direct printing technology, without traditional film, plate making, digital label printing machine can be printed on special materials such as plastic paper, suitable for short version volume, time rush work, digital label printing has great development potential.

Offset label: the most traditional way of printing, which can only print flat sheets, and mostly paper labels. Plastic label offset printing has many defects and few companies use it! Generally, it is a small amount of paper work parts with parts, which is solved by offset printing.

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