7 steps to easily create exotic makeup

In the blink of an eye, it’s the party season at the end of the year. What kind of makeup do you plan to participate in this year’s party? Still as smoky makeup? Metal makeup? Then you are completely out. Want to be different, hurry up and learn!

Exotic makeup

1. Fill the eye socket with a mysterious blue-green eye shadow to create a gradual effect.
2. Draw a lower eyeliner with a white pearlescent eye shadow and brighten the eye makeup at the inner corner of the eye.
3, draw a good eyeliner, the eyeliner does not need to be too thick, do not pick on the end of the eye, naturally flat or slightly sag, so that you can create a flawless feeling;
4, the upper and lower eyelashes are painted with mascara, the root effect is the best.
5, the upper and lower eyeliner parts, are attached to false eyelashes, which can make our eye makeup deeper;
6. When the lower eyelid is attached with false eyelashes, the false eyelashes can be removed from the root of the eyelashes by 1-2 mm at the outer corner of the eye. This will make the contour of the eye more enlarged and there will be no disguise.
7, then apply a layer of mascara, the exotic eye makeup part will be completed.
After the eye makeup is built, the overall makeup is basically over. Lip makeup chooses a light pink color, don't be too eye-catching, and show a natural and fresh feeling.

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