296 hours of sustainable lighting Fenix ​​HP20 Cree R5 split headlights 598 yuan Read more >>

Fenix ​​HP20 Cree R5 Split Headlight

The following fenix HP20 introduced by the small series is a product designed for outdoor sports, the maximum brightness: 230 lumens. Split type design is ideal for use in cold climates. This light is suitable for outdoor activities such as cycling, searching, and caving. In addition to this lamp is completely waterproof, waterproof level reached IPX8 level, this ability allows you to use in a variety of environments. And sustainable lighting 298. The current market price is: 598 yuan.

Brightness up to 230 lumens

High cold resistance

IXP8 waterproof rating

Battery box keeps warm

230 lumens brightness

Wire-controlled shift switch

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