2012 China International Stationery and Office Furniture Exhibition

Time: June 9-11, 2012

Venue: Beijing. China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Pavilion)

Approved by: China Light Industry Federation

Supporting units: Provincial and Municipal Stationery Associations, Provincial and Municipal Furniture Associations, American Office Furniture Association

Organizer: China Light Industry Information Center

Organizer: Beijing Tuowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's market economy, the replacement of stationery and office supplies, people's office conditions and efficiency have undergone earth-shaking changes. In order to strengthen the technical exchanges and trade cooperation between the industries, comprehensively display the image of the best-selling brand in the market, share the results and research, summarize and exchange marketing experience, our company formulated the “2012 China (Beijing) International Stationery in Beijing in June 2012, Office supplies, office furniture, office and leisure products fair." The fair also includes a new exhibition of trade promotion and on-the-spot exhibition, which enables domestic and foreign manufacturers and powerful brand products to enter the Chinese mainland market and the international market, through the field contact with trade buyers and consumers, directly Understand the reality of the Chinese mainland and international markets, and immediately test the response of its products in the domestic and international markets, open up more diversified new business opportunities, and bring out win-win results. The Expo is also the first exhibition in China with the theme of healthy stationery and high-end office supplies, focusing on Asian exhibitors. The exhibition includes student stationery, office stationery, office equipment, office supplies, office furniture, office supplies, office and leisure products. And manufacturing machinery and parts and other aspects.


Check-in exhibition: June 7-8, 2012 (9:00-17:00) Opening time: June 9, 2012 (9:30)

Exhibition time: June 9-11, 2012 (9:00-17:00) Closing time: June 11, 2012 (15:30)

Exhibition scope:

1. Student stationery exhibition area

Pencil case, pencil case, pencil, automatic pencil, watercolor pen, whiteboard pen, ballpoint pen, gel pen, oil pastel, oil pen, crayons, pen, school bag, eraser, pencil sharpener, pen tip, liquid glue, solid glue , ruler, compass, utility knife, scissors, book cover, correction tape, folder, book, file bag, drawing board, refill, etc.

2. Office stationery exhibition area

Pen--ballpoint pen, gel pen, highlighter pen, pen, pencil, writing brush, whiteboard pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, crayons, refill, etc.--notebook, exercise book, note pad, letterhead, address book, 10,000 Office supplies, plastic-loaded books, wire-loaded books, loose-leaf pages, etc. - stapler, stapler, puncher, paper cutter, scissors, utility knife, pencil sharpener, pen holder, pencil case, ruler, etc. Supplies--account books, voucher statements, ink, ink, stamps, seals, carbon paper, calculators, paper clips, binding supplies and other document management - folders, portfolios, organ bags, business cards, books, materials, Craft items such as document boxes, file cabinets, function cabinets, safes, etc. - greeting cards, invitations, certificates, envelopes, gift bags, wrapping paper, craft ornaments, promotional items, business gifts, etc.

3. Office equipment exhibition area

Printing--Printer, Copier, Scanner, All-in-One, Speed ​​Printer, Label Printer, Barcode Printer, Ticket Printer, etc.--Attendance Machine, Shredder, Binding Machine, Laminator, POS Machine, Money Counter, Management Software, access control security system, office drinking water and other computers - desktop computers, laptops, PDAs, monitors, optical drives, keyboards, tablets, mice, USB, memory, etc. - telephones, fax machines, walkie-talkies, switches, servers , routers, network cards, Bluetooth, video conferencing systems and other images - projectors, electronic whiteboards, cameras, video cameras, voice recorders, MP3/MP4, audio systems, electronic dictionaries, e-books, etc.

4. Office consumables exhibition area

Office paper--copying paper, printing paper, fax paper, photo paper, inkjet paper, color printing paper, bill paper, engineering paper, painting paper, etc. - Staples, glue, tape, correction fluid, correction Printing supplies such as tapes, erasers, pushpins, pins, clips, labels, stickers, etc. - toner cartridges, ink cartridges, continuous supply, ribbons, ink, toner, ribbons, etc.

5. Office furniture exhibition area

Office chair, conference chair/visitor chair, office sofa, desk, conference table, computer desk, file cabinet, filing cabinet, storage cabinet, safe, screen, high partition, system office furniture, personal workstation, other office furniture, etc.

6. Science and Education Supplies Exhibition Area & Science and Education Electronic Supplies Exhibition Area

7. Manufacturing machinery and equipment exhibition area

Office supplies manufacturing machinery and parts; office equipment parts--printing copier parts, computer and other management equipment parts, communication and imaging equipment parts, etc.; stationery manufacturing equipment--pen machine, book processing machinery, other Office supplies manufacturing equipment, craft gift processing equipment, etc.; office consumables processing equipment and parts--paper processing equipment, office consumables processing equipment, printing consumable parts, etc.; office furniture manufacturing machinery and parts;

8, office and leisure products exhibition area Chess categories: chess, go, checkers, military flags, playing cards, mahjong machines, etc.; sporting goods: scorpion / skipping rope, dumbbell / ball / shoot

9. Office automation systems and products;

Address of the Organizing Committee of the Conference: Room D11-907, Changcheng International Building, Nanzhuang, Yangzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Zip code: 101121



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